Roddin on the River 2005

A great turnout this year...

Made for some great cruizin, lots of fun...

... and some big 50-50 prizes that
all help the Cruizers fund those worthy causes!

Pics of the cars Some more cool pics
Cruizin Models
Slow Drags Open Headers

The Winners

T-Shirt Winners for Next Year

Jay Brown Don's Pick
Doug Wiegel President's Pick
Terry Ellis Participant's Pick


Dazzling Dozen

Richard Torres Patrick Wightman Ronnie Graves
Buzz Sordahl Doug Shephard William Romero
Kay Sykes Chuck Immormino Henry Miklaski
Howard Blackburn Blake Wilcox Ron Bruins



Billet Award Darryl Grant   20's Open Bill Strunk
20's Closed Ralph Tedford   30's Open Michael Johnson
30's Closed Mel Norton   40's Jim Edison
50's Dave Dolan   60's Darrel John
70's Jim Walker   80's Michael Pickert
90's Corny Brewer   2000 Doyle Harrison
Best Engine Terry Stark   Best Ford Phil Alexander
Best Mopar Jim Beltnick   Best GMC David Fryer
Best Mini Car Ernest Adams   Best Mini Truck Mike Lepker
Under Construction Lou Garon   Pro-Street Toby Stanford
Custom Trunk Dale Oleson   Super Sled Arnold Momahon
Interior Harold Cox   Lowest Car Art Martinez
Flames Mark Peters   Route 66 Cuco Urtiaga
Hard Luck Leon Biesiadecki   Truck James Harper
Best Paint Dennis Atwater   Chop Job Dale Buck
Long Distance Leslie Gatwood   Club Participation OTHG Lake Havasu, AZ
Lady Cruizer Maureen Gutierrez   Coolest Cruizer Jerry Vigil
Junior Cruizer Randy Waitman   Foreign Car Lawrence Shearer
Slow Drags Michael Wilkie   Open Headers Jim DeVogel
Event Chairman Pick Ted Ortega